About The band??


What Band?  I AM THE BAND!!   Yes, Brenda Guy The One Woman Show is  her own band!!!  Yep, you read correctly, she is a solo act delivering  an authentic, dynamic, polished, energetic and an amazing performance  like no-other entertainer/band!!!    ​Her powerful sound and immense musical talent captivates her audiences leaving them "requesting" an encore!!   


Brenda Guy The One Woman Show  caters to a small audience up to 3,000 in attendance.  She was recently chosen as the "opening act" for The Fabulous Thunderbirds, featured on The Sam Malone Show/Radio as one of Houston's best  entertainers, delivered an amazing performance for The Houston  Chronicle's Best Dress Gala and is one of Kemah Boardwalk's most  favorite and sought after entertainers.   

Brenda "featured" on Sam Malone Radio

Sam Malone featured Brenda Guy as one of Houston's local talent.